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For your infant an object ceases to exist when it goes out of sight. This can be observed when you or their favorite toy goes a little out of site them and they start crying. As they grow they slowly start understanding object Permanence through simple games like Peek-a-boo. Object Permanence is absolutely necessary for a child to understand how the world works. They will understand you don't disappear when u leave the room or their favorite toy will come back to them even when they put them away for bed time. In this set the challenges are isolated with the help of different lids. your baby will have to understand the concept of dropping an object in to a hole. It is always better to start with the lids with only one shape on them. Slowly explain how the object disappears into the box and re-appears in the draw. This concept is very interesting for your toddler. They will like to repeat it over and over again. Then introduce the coin slots. Finally you can give all the objects with the Lid with multiple shapes on them. The child will be sorting while also understating the concept of Object permanence. 
** Parental guidance is required at all times
Make: Wooden
Dimension: 21*19*29
Age: 6+ months
Delivery: 7 days
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Country of Origin: India