The Farm Kit-Dohdough -
The Farm Kit-Dohdough -
The Farm Kit-Dohdough -

The Farm Kit


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As, little ones their favorite rhyme is OLD Mc, Donald so why not help them build their own little farm? Here is our farm kit where your child can make his/ her own farm with all the farm animals a cute little farm house and a fence to keep his sheep safe. Along with it we have hay for the cow and a milk bucket to collect all the milk.

This kit has 3*150 gms of dough which are primary colors to make more colors like green(fresh grass), brown(for muddy puddles) and orange(carrots). Rolling pin and laminated box'.

Care instructions: *Always make sure you give appropriate quantity to play.

*Always use a Plastic mat/dining table mat underneath to play. Newspaper will soak in all the oil and make it dry quickly.

*Always cover the dough in airtight boxes and fit to size boxes so that the air doesn't let it dry out

*If you see signs of it getting dried i.e salt being crystallized on top then knead it with the help of little Kitchen oil and it will be fresh as new.


Age group-3-7 years old

Product composition-Flour,salt,oil,food colouring and water

Delivery- 3 to 7 working days

Country of Origin: India

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