The Adventurous Astronaut Kit-Dohdough -
The Adventurous Astronaut Kit-Dohdough -

The Adventurous Astronaut Kit


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The Little Curious Astronaut in every child would love to create their own GALAXY with the glittery stars, space launcher, big & tiny planets a and cute little rocket. This kit has a unique Galaxy Dough which makes the ground set for their spaceships or Satellites to Land or Hover which is rolled out by the included Rolling Pin.

It has BLUE & White Dough too, (450gms of play dough) to make their Earth or Globe too.

The 4 Prompts will make you listen to the friendship ties and as well as the wars between astronaut and aliens to SAVE THEIR EARTH each time.

Care instructions: *Always make sure you give appropriate quantity to play.

*Always use a Plastic mat/dining table mat underneath to play. Newspaper will soak in all the oil and make it dry quickly.

*Always cover the dough in airtight boxes and fit to size boxes so that the air doesn't let it dry out

*If you see signs of it getting dried i.e salt being crystallized on top then knead it with the help of little Kitchen oil and it will be fresh as new.

Age group - 3 to7 years


Colors-blue,white and sparkly black

Delivery- 3 to 7 Working days

Country of Origin: India