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Spice Magic Essential Oil


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 Nchant Spice Magic Essential Oil, (Set of 3) 5ml Each

•Our Spice Magic box Set of 3, brings you the convenience of three 100% pure essential oils in a unique trio. These 100% natural and pure oils are the Cardamom, Cinnamon & Clove Oils. The products do not contain any additives, fillers, bases or carriers.

Cardamom Oil: Has anti-carcinogenic properties and is often used in aromatherapy. It also helps with weight loss and stress relief.

 Cinnamon Oil: Has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic and antioxidant properties. It is used as food flavouring, mood enhancer, oral health, disinfectant

•Clove Oil: Is used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and stimulate or energize the body. It also helps reduce acne, alleviate headaches or dental pain

How to use-Add 2 – 3 drops of essential oil into the Electric Diffuser or Candle Diffuser and enjoy the soothing Fragrance

Shelf life- 3 years

Delivery - 3 to 5 Working days

Country of Origin: India