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Shampoo Bar – Pink Lotus | Long hairs


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Known for its longevity and self repair, the Lotus Flower is a plant of Asian origin that has many minerals and nutrients. Pratha Naturals is the one who offers these benefits to your hair.

The Lotus Flower has been used for centuries because of its mystical significance. Hindus, Buddhist and Egyptians considered it as a the sacred flower. Since Hindus still use it for Ayurvedic medicine, a complex therapeutic technique which are very popular in India. Additional Information: Pratha Naturals believes in the powerful combination of Natural exotic pant based, time tested Ayurveda recipe and Professional expertise from all four fields – Dermatologist, Chemist, Ayurveda Beauty Practitioner.

We maintain the highest standards of quality in terms of performance, comfort and safety with all our products.

This is Certified FDA, Certified Organic , Certified Green Label, Certified BIS.

Free from – chemical, paraben, surfactant, PEG, Palm oil, GMO, preservative, synthetic fragrance, syntactic color. Not tested on animal.

How To Use: 

• Comb out your hair before shampooing

• Wet the shampoo bar and lather in your hands before applying the lather to your hair.

• Ensure you create lots of lather which is important when using a shampoo bar. You need to work it into your hair to wash away the dirt and extra oils.

• Massage the lather into your roots and through the lengths of your hair. Always thoroughly rinse. Repeat this step if desired. And that’s it!

Benefits/Features: Pink lotus shampoo bar is the nest level of revitalizing and moisturizing hairs . works on brittle and wavy hair and wards off all the frizz from the hair making them silky and smooth. provides intense repair for healthier and brighter hair. regenerate the hairs, leaving them much softer and more pliable. Remove the inflammation in the scalp, and a reduction in inflammation may mean less dirt and dandruff. Use it at least twice a week to reduce hair thinning problems and make your hair thick and strong.

Know what's inside of this shampoo Bar–

Pink Lotus – being a national flower if India and holding a sacred place in heart of Hindus, this flower has miracle properties of revitalizing the lifeless hairs as Lotus itself symbolize as rebirth. Helps in treating temporary baldness by boosting hair growth in areas where hair has thinned out or reduced

Brahmi – It is a small herb that grows in naturally muddy wetlands and shallow waters. This small herb helps in reducing hair fall to a considerable amount and also boosts hair growth at the same time. This herb helps in forming a protective layer around the hair fibres. It helps in ensuring the hair remains lustrous and glossy.

Moringa -it is not only the superfood of the year, but it is also an extremely effective natural remedy in the fight against hair loss and it stimulates hair growth.

Curry Leaves , Jatamasi, Ginseng, Vitamin B5, Pro Keratin are added to give the extra boost to the silky shine texture of hairs.

Ingredients: Shikakai, Reetha, Amala, Bhrujngaraj, Coconut Milk, Hibiscus, Fenugreek, Neem, Basil, Olive oil , Soap base made from vegetable oil, Basil essential oil, Glycerin , Purified water

Product Type: Shampoo Bar

Skin/ Hair Type: Dry, Lifeless , Frizzy Hairs

Shelf Life: 2 Years

Delivery Estimate:  7 Working Days

Vendor:  Pratha Naturals

Country of Origin: India