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Resin Pop Socket


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Pop it out whenever you need them to be a grip, be a stand or take a selfiešŸ¤³šŸ»I always wanted to make these. This is simple yet bold, easy and affordable to gift and if nothing works out use it yourselves. The best part of me making this is - Incase due to over use or harsh use the grip worn out. Your money will not go waste - The top part (Geode Resin) can still be used as a fridge magnet by just sticking a magnet behind it..And this stays forever on your fridge (At least for 10 years) as Magnets tends to loose its magnetism over 10 years, but nothing will happen to our Resin popšŸ˜.Sounds interesting????

Size: 1.5 inch diameter

Category: Home Decor, Pop Socket, Fridge Magnet

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Country of Origin: India