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Mint & Chocolate Bomb


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Revive your lips with our refreshing and hydrating lip oil, made with the goodness of organic Peru balsam and peppermint essential oils. One swipe of the Chocolate Mint lip oil is like a minty-fresh kiss for your lips.

Formulated with 100% natural and vegan ingredients that deeply hydrate the skin and combat pigmentation. Apply individually, or before or after lipstick application for glossy, healthy looking lips.

In our effort to cut down our plastic usage, we've replaced the plastic rollers in our lip oil bottles with natural quartz stones - which is known to have its own healing properties."

Apply 5 minutes prior to lipstick application, to keep your lips from drying.

Our uniquely formulated lip oil has certain USP's vis a viz other lip balms or oils in the market.
1. Apart from its moisturizing quality, it helps in restoring the lip color. Reverse dark lips, due to smoking.
2. 100 % natural and organic

Almond oil - helps rejuvenate lips by removing the dead skin cells, prevent chapped lips and keeps them moisturized. Avocado oil - helps to give the lips a supple feeling Pomegranate seed oil - have ANTI-AGING Property Vitamin E oil - to relieve chapped, dry lips Castor oil - helps in preventing water loss Coconut oil Pure Balsam Peru essential oil Pure Peppermint essential oil

Content: 10ml

Shelf Life: 24 months

Delivery: 3-7 Working days

Vendor:  Klome Essentials

Country of Origin: India