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Ivy Studs


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Super light weight studs wth Silver ivy leaf and faceted crystal quartz ball, representing the positivity spread through deep affection. Push back ear studs.

Product weight is 1gm.
Dimensions: Total stud length 1.6cm. Crystal ball - 0.6cm diameter.
Metal used: Sterling silver
Sterling silver is also popularly known as sterling silver 925 or simply 925 Silver. It is a metal, which consists of 92.5% pure silver (which is why it gets its name as sterling silver 925) and 7.5% alloy that can include other metals such as zinc, copper etc.

1)Rinse the jewelry with water, then dry and buff with a soft cloth.
2)Keep it away from perfumes.
3)Periodically clean the jewelry with soft cotton cloth & cosmetic brush to reach out to inside small parts
4)The style is intricate pieces of delicate jewellery. Store it separately in the the provided box wrapped in soft fabric or provided dust bag. Never store along with other jewelry pieces to avoid scratches or pressed under other heavier jewellery pieces. 

Delivery Estimate: 5-10 Working days 

Country of Origin: India