Indoor Gym - Ariro

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Complete gross Motor development
This Gym ensures a complete development of large movement muscles like the legs, arms and torso. It makes your little one completely aware of their muscle movements, coordinate them smoothly and balance themselves effectively

Boosting their confidence
Your little one climbing the gym fearlessly ensures their psyche is loaded with confidence ensuring they venture into new tasks, fearless and excited.

Cognitive development
Mastering this gym is not just a physical task but a mental task as well. They need to strategize their moves in order to complete a task successfully. This improves their problem solving ability. It boosts memory, improves concentration and helps develop their cerebral cortex.

Fun within the safety of Indoors
At these testing times this gym provides the possibilities of outdoor play in the comforts of Indoor. It ensures you Monitor your little one while they are busy with their play. The contamination possibilities of this equipment is narrowed down to a near 0 in the safety of indoors. Children indulge themselves for hours in this equipment.

What runs in the mind of your child is a deep mystery. The fun they get out of imaginary play is limitless. This Jungle gym can transform from a castle to pirate ship in seconds ensuring creative thinking in those little but enormous brains.

** Parental guidance is required at all times

Material: Wooden

Delivery:  14-20 working days 

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