Goodness of Frankincense Sugar Scrub

Goodness of Frankincense Sugar Scrub - Basil Skincare

BSC 05

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Tired of dry and gloomy skin? Try our three in one product for happy, glowing, soft and supple skin which hydrates as well as exfoliates, all while naturally pampering your skin! Frankincense protects skin cells while the sugar helps exfoliate gently, taking away the dry skin, revealing a healthier skin that glows. Sunflower oil reduces redness and roughness while olive oil provides moisture and hydrates. The orange essential oil rich in vitamin C and vitamin E restores and reconstructs skin cells. To Cleanse, Hydrate & Exfoliate, Rich in Vitamin C & Vitamin E, Removes Dead Skin Cells.


Frankincense Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Sugar Granules & Vitamin E.

Weight: 200g

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Country of Origin: India