Dumbbell rattle with Black rings - Ariro

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Wooden Rattle can rightly Stimulate
Rattle can mildly stimulate your child and ensure to capture and slowly help them focus their attention towards the source of sound. This also can give them a sense of direction.

The Rattle Movement
When you move the rattle over your baby they will tend to try and grasp. This ensures the Hand-eye coordination is addressed. Slowly Move the rattle across the child's face and let them track the movement this process will help with Focus and Attention.

Wood as a material can be beneficial
The tactile experience that a baby gets when feeling wood is important for their Sensorial development. Wooden rattles are long lasting. This naturally finished wooden rattle is a good Grasping aid and also can double as a Teether.

Grasping and Rattling
When your baby is reaching out and grasping the toy their Fine motor skills are developed. When they rattle the toy their sense of sound develops. Rattles are always amusing and fun for your little one.

** Parental guidance is required at all times

Material: Wooden

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Dumbbell rattle with Black rings - Ariro

Country of Origin: India