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Dohar- Baby Elle


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Snuggle together with your little one in our blanket that takes you right back to memories of mammas godi. A print so versatile, along with our 3 layers of soft muslin might just tempt you to get one for yourself too. Twin with your munchkin in our elle print, which takes you into a world of familial bonds.

Infant- 36" x 48"
Toddler- 47" x 71"
Kid/ Adult/ Single Bed- 60" x 90"

+Fold up the Dohars for just the desired warmth, especially in winter.
+Perfect for nap time, tummy time, story time, and spins in the stroller.
+Can also be used as a pretend cape for your little darlings.


3 Layers of Mal Mal Cotton
Print Layer is sandwhiched in the middle of 2 mal mal layers
Azo free Pigments
Mal Mal Piping

Color : Yellow


1) Infant

2) Kid/ Adult/ Single Bed 

Vendor Name: Masaya

Delivery Estimate:3-5 Working Days


Country of Origin: India

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