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Cleopatra 2


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From the Majestic Abode of Cleopatra The great , Who was a ferocious conqueror and an epitome of Regal mannerism and beauty , we derive an art piece which reflects the colors and sophistication of one of the worlds biggest empires led by the Pharaohs and Queens like Cleopatra. We have created a modern relic which has a deep association with Cleopatra and Egypt.

Prevent direct spray of Alcohol based mixtures. Such as Sanitizers , Perfumes , Nail polish remover & Cologne. Keep it in its original humidity resistant box when not wearing. Clean it with a soft cotton cloth once in a week. Dont expose to extreme heat. Keep away from oil.

Dimension : 5.5 x 2.5 cm Gemstone

Used : Ruby and Rose Quartz

Plating : 18 karat real gold

Coating : Electrophoretic

Metal : Brass

Weight : 10 gm

Color: Golden , Red , Pink

Estimate Delivery: 3-5 Working Days

Vendor: Modishglint

Country of Origin: India