Balancing Board - Ariro

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Waldorf board Balancing board is believed to be a Waldorf creation and helps children with Gross motor development indoors. Such a simple creation with endless possibilities of play Balancing and exercise This board helps children exercise indoors. When they wobble with the board they work out muscles on the body that usually are not worked out otherwise. It strengthens the core and ankles. It is a perfect indoor toy with many different ways to be played with. Spatial Awareness Balancing board helps children the space around them and control their body accordingly. Options of play with a Balance board Balance board can be used to balance the body in a position which in turn helps exercise the muscles. Balance board can be used as a rocker when the child decides to sit and rock about. It also can be used as slide from small heights and when inverted will become an ideal climbing board. Children love to rest on it with a simple blanket underneath. They can use it as a Tunnel, a ramp for their push toys and etc.

** Parental guidance is required at all times

Material: Wooden

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