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This vegetable shaped teethers, Made from Neem wood, is easy to grasp, is the best to suffice your baby’s teething needs and sooth those aching gums. Shaped like a carrot, broccoli, cheese and mushroom this will be the perfect first toy-set for your baby. Neem wood is also Antibacterial and Anti-fungal, adding extra benefits to your child's play.

Babies like to grasp, bite and explore objects offered to them. Let them explore as much as they can with our beautiful Neem wood teethers. Offering a Neem wood teether is the best way to satisfy their teething needs and as well boost their immunity. Grasping wood helps the baby develop better motor skills and sensitivity. Ariro has combined the goodness of Neem with agile designing to bring about the finest teethers. Neem is antibacterial and anti-fungal, hence it requires less maintenance. It has all the goodness of Neem without its bitterness.

Recommended age: 3M+

** Parental guidance is required at all times

Material: Wooden

Delivery:  5-10 working days 

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Country of Origin: India