Ariro First Montessori Kit - 2 - Ariro

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Montessori toys for 4 months to 8 months
This set ensures to aid and suffice your child's needs from 4 months to 8 months and sometimes beyond. We have put this set together to ensure the optimum guidance to your child's developments like grasping, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, wrist movements, fine-motor development, concentration and understand shapes.

Montessori Grasping beads
This beautiful Montessori beads offers your little one a rich visual and tactile experience. When your baby wraps their fingers around the bead their need for grasping and mouthing is appeased. Made out of NEEM WOOD for boosting immunity and rightly sized to ensure safety.

Montessori Interlocking discs
The interlocking disc opens new grasping possibilities for the child. It helps the child with transfer movements from one hand to another and enhances their pincer grip.

Montessori Egg and cup
Egg and cup is an ideal first puzzle for your little gem. They are introduced to problem solving through this very fine toy. The child needs to firmly sit to be introduced to this toy. Showing them how this toy works several times before letting them explore is very essential. It involves a lot of hand-eye coordination and concentration. The baby is introduced to space and shapes. This is gentle shift from just grasping to coordinated movements.

Montessori Box and cube
This is introduced after the egg and cube. Here the coordination becomes more challenging as the toy is more rigid. The child starts understanding the concept of puzzle solving. The fine-motor skills are addressed. They become aware of yet another shape and the complexity that comes with it.

Montessori Peg and Ring
This is the final toy in the puzzle set installment. Here the child becomes fully aware of the focus of task. The child understands the shapes, the objective and the effect. Introduce this when the child is comfortable with both the above toys.

Material: Wooden

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