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Argan Oil Body Lotion-200 ml


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 With its warm & exotic scent, our argan oil formula luxuriously softens the skin with every use. The lotion leaves the skin hydrated and nourished. Your skin will be wrapped in moisture and gently scented with a warm, luxurious fragrance. Enriched with the goodness of pure argan oil, the moisture remains locked for as long as 48 hours in your skin after you apply Frescia’s Argan oil body lotion. It provides deep nourishment for your skin to make it supple, smooth and moisturized throughout the day.

Experience the brightest spark of your skin as argan oil treats the damages skin, evens the skin tone and bring out the natural glow.

Ingredients: Argan Oil, Vitamin-E

Specialty/Advantages: Long Hours of Moisturized skin, Skin nourishment, Non-greasy, Skin radiance, Treat discoloration or tanning.

Usage Instructions: 

1.Take small potions and massage it on your body parts. Let it absorb to enjoy the velvety soft skin!

2.Use Argan Oil Cream for face, hand & neck.

Storage Instructions: Store in Cool & Dry Place

Precautions: A patch test is recommended as even natural Ingridients can cause and trigger existing allergies. Avoid contact with eyes

Weight: 237 gm

Contents: 200 ml

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Country of Origin: India