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4Leaf Clover Chandelier


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Chandelier style earrings from our '4 Leaf Clover' series of Talisman collection. Green textured 'Malachite stone' clovers are placed one each at the top of the danglers which has push back pin & the other one is hanging as a drop along with other malachite beads. The hanging stone clover is given a delicate outline frame such that the clover is seen beautifully, same way at front or back, when the piece dangles. Product weight 21.5gms.
Total earrings length 9.3cm & width 4.5cm
Green clover part including frame 12mm*12mm (length * width
Green beads - 6mm length, 5mm diameter
3mm pearls
Material Details:
White Pearls
Metal parts are all in sterling silver
Stone used is Green Malachite (Origin - South Africa)
Malachite: This lovely green textured mineral absorbs all negative energy and helps in stimulating heart & throat chakras. Green crystals work on regeneration bringing success in new ventures.
Four leaf clover is rarely found in nature. It is believed to bring 'Good Luck' to its possessor. Each of the 4 leaves of clover represents a different quality. The first leaf representing hope, the second faith, the third leaf is for love and the fourth one brings good luck to its finder. Representation of this in the form of amulets makes a perfect piece of jewel to own.

Do not leave it exposed to air / water / chemical (deo or perfume). Store it wrapped in soft cotton cloth inside the box provided. Wipe the stones using soft cotton cloth. Be sure to dry the stone well to keep its brilliance & shine, but only with soft cloth, never with paper

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Country of Origin: India