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21 Herbs Pack- Ubtan

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Nature's Butter Ubtan will give your skin a fresh,bright look and help you achieve lighter skin tone. Sun dried ingredients like sandalwood, papaya,orange,lemon peel clears spots and enhance skin tone. Lodra, Bamboo, Haldi soothe and slow down ageing process.This pack helps you to get rid of suntan,blemishes,pigments and act as skin lightening agent.Handcrafted in small batches with finished ingredients, this pack helps to give you spot free and radiance complexion.
* Suitable for all skin types
* Above 16 years of age
Sandalwood,Papaya, Neem, Manjishta,Tulsi,Jatamansi,Haldi,Amba,Anantmool,Orange Peel Powder,Lemon, Red Sandalwood, Lodra, Pomegranate,Ashwagandha,Khus,Bamboo,Calamine,Bauchi.
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Country of Origin: India