The Coconut People -

The Coconut People


    Meet the nutty folks!

    The Coconut People are wanderers, with their roots set firmly in the tropical estates of southern India - from Kerala to the Andaman's We’ve lived our lives in the coconut-rich fields of India’s coasts - and life here is different. Organics living is not a trend here, it’s a lifestyle. It permeates into each day of our existence - from edibles, oils, skin applicants, to even utensils! Each coconut here is grown naturally and organically, without chemical or synthetic fertilizers.

    Just as we get, we give. Each decision is layered with a conscious effort to implement sustainable, earth-friendly practices. We’ve grown up amongst the lush grass and fresh air of mother earth - and we’re doing our best to ensure that so do our children.

    Despite cheaper alternatives, we ensure that we maintain fair-trade practices - with standardized labour wages and good working conditions. So when you hold hands with us, you know that you’re bettering yourself, your community, and your environment.

    Welcome to our family.

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