The. AmiGurumi. Store by Nidhi Singh

      Beyond the needles and threads...

      "I started making these toys for my twin boys 5 years ago," Said Nidhi, founder of Amigurumi by Nidhi Singh. What began as merely a craft project grew into a passion for Nidhi who has now built her entire brand around Amigurumi. She now enjoys making unique and creative toys that are both plastic-free and environment friendly.

      The Japanese art of Amigurumi dates back to the year 1185 where traces of needle binding, fabric creation technique predating knitting, and crocheting were recorded. During the Edo period, the Japanese traded with the Dutch and it is rumored that knitting was introduced as a technique to the country.

      So what is Amigurumi? the word Amigurumi can be split into two words, namely "Ami" which translates to knitted, and “nuigurmi” which means sewn or stuffed doll. These dolls are mostly purchased for their cute and aesthetic appeal. One cannot deny the delicateness and childlikeness that arises with an Amigurumi doll! Needless to say, the art of crochet and knitting have lived on for centuries and eras. It owes its richness of artistry to the intricate designs and stitches done by the maker. These toys are soft, highly durable, long-lasting, and have a child-friendly appeal to them. Typically Amigurumi are animals but can include artistic renderings or inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features, as is typical in Japanese culture. But beyond all these characteristics, it is, after all, a simple handmade doll and we all know that the best things in life are not eccentric in nature, But simple.

      Amigurumi dolls will live on for its soft plush like material, adorable characters, and of course the everlasting joy it brings.

      15 products

      15 products