SaCrus Handsculpts


       Who are we?

      We are a Chennai based, creative, art appreciating start-up. Like many establishments, we owe our inspiration to the numerous rising entrepreneurs. We love to reinvent things. Simple and current, yet aesthetic and classic is our style.

      What do we do?
      We design and custom make handcrafted wooden articles, primarily comprising of cutlery and desktop art pieces. The products made are 100% handcrafted showing our authenticity and distinction between each piece. Our short term goal is to expand our product range in the future and make it available for avid users all around the world.

      Why wood?
      With rising concerns on the environment, people prefer to use more eco-friendly and chemical-free products. Wooden articles, especially cutlery are in demand due to their sustainability and the fact that they are biodegradable, let alone the elegance it brings.

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      0 products

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