Pintucloo -



    Pintucloo offers a varied range of children’s lifestyle products from toys, furnishings and a lot more. Inspired by kids and their contagious enthusiasm, we are constantly striving to make safe and eco-friendly products for them. Kids imagination and safe to use products is our main motto. You name it, and we’ll make it happen.


    At Pintucloo we ensure that every product is designed keeping in mind the user’s interest. Kids play a significant role in the entire process, right from design ideation, feedback, testing, to the final use. We design products that kids share a major part of their time with, and therefore they’re designed as play and knowledge tools. Every piece is safe as made by cotton fabric, so kids can pick and move them around while learning. All our products are manufactured with the help of a self-help women group which majorly works in empowering women from rural interiors and uplifting them eventually.

     WE CARE!

    Like every other household for a kid, we have certain ground rules too. We ensure that every piece is made with care using fabrics safe for kids. The Cotton Fabric is also uncycled to promote sustainable Living Fur is a bad option so we bring to you cotton fabric soft toys. At an age where you’re learning and growing every day, we want kids to be ever inspired. With Pintucloo, our creative concepts, colours and utility allows them to do exactly that.