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Nature's Butter by Shree


    Nature’s Butter by Shree is a humble homegrown skincare startup that is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The brand owners being Jayshree Vaswani (Interior designer) and; Javnika Shah (Architect).We believe beauty lies in self-expression. Beauty is how you bring to life the best version of yourself
    while staying true to who you really are. It cannot be defined by powders and pigments.
    The skincare industry is abusing the term natural and threatening the very meaning it should stand
    for. We wanted to introduce people to products that give them long term benefits. For us creating an ‘honest brand’ laid the foundation for Nature’s Butter by Shree. We started Nature’s Butter by Shree back in 2018. Since then, this beautiful journey of developing a brand,
    giving people remedial products has been a blessed experience for us. We focus on designing products that work towards reviving your hair and skin.
    All our skin and hair care lines are sustainably sourced, environmentally friendly, safe, handcrafted, and most importantly – effective. The versatility of skin and hair type is what we focus on and work for. Being a small run enterprise, we are always open to talk with our customers, so feel free to reach
    out to us. We would be happy to guide you through a personal consultation. Not all skin types are the same, so we have ensured that each of our products has something exceptional to suit every skin type.

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