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    The world of stories is a magical one, where anything seems possible. As unreal and fantastic perhaps as the experience of being a mother. Masaya was born to capture this essence of stories through Art. It’s a wish to create spaces where memories are made with everlasting impressions. Piece by piece, we want to build upon yours and your little one’s sense of wonder and transform the everyday into one where imagination has no limits. 

    Masaya products are hand made with a goal of sustaining and spreading the Indian arts and crafts, and making it accessible. Our Stories are also curated in the form of learning tools for kids, where they learn about learning about our culture and its sustainability, amongst other things. We strongly believe that kids learn by seeing, and the first few years of their growth is crucial. This is why, we at Masaya not only create a product but an experience. We believe in creating a happy world where they can be whomever they choose to be with no care. 

    Let us help you in this small bit of parenting.  We assure you that our customers, especially the small, cute and cuddly ones will thoroughly enjoy using our products.

    With all our love and some magic,


    The Art of Masaya:

     Each of our pieces is meticulously researched and designed to ensure that we build upon yours and your little one’s sense of wonder. The design process itself takes different forms before its final conceptualization, where we see if our designs have the following principle elements: gender neutrality, an educational property, and a story for the little ones to dream. Our motifs are hand drawn and curated into patterns for each of our furnishing pieces, this ensures that each product we produce has its own charm however they also come together for a complete experience. We then work with artisans who bring our characters to life by hand printing each piece and embodying it with generations of culture and traditions. At last we have your own unique piece in the softest cotton wrapped with motherly warmth ready specially for your little one.

    Masaya's goal is to communicate with people through Art along while sustaining India’s arts and crafts. Hence, most of our products are handmade, as we increase the awareness amongst people about local, handcrafted and sustainability. At Masaya we grow with the community around us, and believe in building a family.


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