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       About Us:

      We are a multi disciplinary  Design Firm, designing spaces and products, with keen interest on sustainability and craftsmanship. India is a country which makes things by hands, which we see is perishing day by day. We believe in 'learning by doing' and 'fair share for all', and hence all our products are modelled, prototyped and tested before getting into the market. 

      The team is lead by Architect and Furniture designer Kirti Jalan, an alumnus of CEPT university Ahmedabad. 

      Why Rattan and Bamboo?

      Common knowledge dictates that cutting of trees from the rain forest destroys our environment and once it is cut, the trees will not grow back.  One has to replant new trees and it takes may decades for a tree to mature. Rattan/Bamboo however grows again and at a very fast pace. Rattan can only be found in rain forest as rattan needs trees  to wrap on to reach for the sunlight. This means that as long as there are trees  in the rain forest, rattan will always be a sustainable raw material.

      This material can be found in the rainforest of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra. There are so many animals inhabiting these areas , including the famous and endangered orangutans. These poor animals are losing their natural habitat by humans cutting down trees illegally for financial benefits. 

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