Esscent -


    Esscent By Arpan is a line of premium flower-based incense sticks. Every year 80 lakh metric tonnes of flower waste is disposed of into the water bodies, largely affecting the ecosystem. We have an eco-friendly solution wherein luxury incense sticks are produced out of flower waste and are hand-crafted by a group of specially-abled people and rural women. Moreover, the product comes in a 3-layered eco-friendly packaging.
    An organic product which is made up of 60% flowers and is 100% charcoal free, these luxury incense sticks are available in 6 fragrances- Lavender, Rose, Lemongrass, Loban, Lily and Jasmine.
    This is a venture by a group of students from Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University, looking at spreading awareness about their products to further this good cause and at the same time empowering the group of underprivileged to bring smiles on their faces.