Bamboo Heart

      Nature gives us Everything’ for ‘Survival up to luxury’.
      Human had understood this since ancient times and was procuring things from nature wisely and sustainably.
      But, the trends have changed from the last century due to the invention of plastic, which has overpowered our traditional way of living where we were fulfilling all our needs while producing least waste unlike today, when millions of tons of waste is being generated every second unstoppably.

      The time has come to take the reverse action, because we don’t have much time to save the planet for future generations, we need to ACT NOW.

      Bamboo, a multipurpose, woody grass has more than 1500 documented utilities and has a significant part in Indian traditional system; is renewable; has immense strength; is a perfect replacement of wood, thus can prevent deforestation also. Together we can make this ‘Poor man’s timber’ a ‘Wise man/woman’s Choice’.
      So, here we present a range of Everyday Essentials which are made up of bamboo/wood/clay/recycled material which are safe for the ecosystem ( including environment and all the living beings)  for thoughtful people who want to be the change. 

      Let’s take the tiny steps together for a better world….
      Go Green....
      Be Ecofriendly...

      16 products

      16 products