Baka Jewellery

      Baka is a slow-designed, contemporary, sustainable, ethically-handcrafted jewellery brand by Rhizome—India's first multidisciplinary sustainability design studio. Rhizome was founded by Rebecca Reubens and works at the intersection of craft, design and sustainability.

      At Baka, we look at the ecological, cultural, social, and economic aspects of sustainability. We believe sustainability can be mainstreamed into fashion through good design, and that is exactly what we intend to deliver to you. 

      What does Sustainability mean to us at Baka?

      Sustainability is a big word which is increasingly losing its meaning because it is used so casually. This is even more so when it is paired with fashion. We were asked recently what we mean by sustainable jewellery.

      We had a LOT to say, but here are our top five points:

      1. We ensure our pieces are made from clean material
      2. Our pieces are handcrafted by traditional and contemporary craftspeople.
      3. We aim to create an emotionally-durable design which stays around longer as you love it.
      4. We take as long as we need to develop something - we are as slow fashion as they come.
      5. We design for customisation.
      The Baka Team
      We are tiny, but a proud team of people who truly want to be the change we want to see. We work in a collaborative mode because we are a learning studio.

      Our core team comprises a small but dedicated design and prototyping team led by Rebecca at our atelier in Ahmedabad.

      The Packaging

      We take sustainability very seriously at Baka. We design collaboratively and then have an extensive prototyping process. And only once we are done with that does a piece of jewellery come through. We also critically review everything from production to consumption vis a vis the jewellery. What materials we use, how it is produced, packaged, used and disposed of- how sustainable is this for the planet, society, culture and the economy.

      We believe sustainability is a compound picture of all of these and so we go beyond ecological sustainability in each of our pieces.

      Not only do we use clean and where possible up-cycled materials, but we also look at every single way to factor sustainability into our offering. Our packaging is made from up-cycled paper and is covered with carbon paper and foam sheets – both materials which cannot otherwise be recycled. 

      Our boxes are crafted by women and are a source of livelihood and empowerment for them. The adhesive used in our boxes is sustainable and made from white flour, blue vitriol and water.

      Our shopping bags are made of waste flex sheets which are also otherwise dumped into landfills because they cannot be recycled. With each purchase, you buy into our dream and effort to making the earth an inclusive, resilient and sustainable place to live on.

      117 products

      117 products