The Monsoon Skincare Checklist

With the scorching hot summer waving us goodbye, we welcome relief in the form of monsoon. Cool breeze and greenery paired with a bearable temperature is the perfect change we all crave from this season. Amongst these pros of the monsoon, there exists an underlying consequence of the season. The increase in humidity during the monsoon season creates a slew of skin issues, particularly for individuals with oily or complex skin. If your skin is already oily, high humidity levels can make it seem even more lifeless. As a result, it's essential to adapt your skin-care approach according to the season. Variety is important to us at Indiesouk. We strive to give the best skincare products that are appropriate for each season. Whether you're looking for sunscreen to combat the blazing summer or tackle exfoliants during the freezing winters, we've got you covered. Now with the monsoon season overhead, we’ve got a few products of ours that’ll help your skin combat the effects of treacherous humidity!

Keeping your skin hydrated and fresh should definitely top your monsoon skin care routine list. During the monsoon season, regardless of your skin type, its better to turn to a soap-free face wash to remove impurities and oil without leaving your skin dry. For soft and hydrated skin, try Nature Butter’s luscious and nourishing Vitamin C face wash. It cleanses your skin, and rejuvenates it giving you a fresh look to beat the monsoon blues. If scented facewashes are your thing, check out Frescia’s handcrafted chocolate coffee deep cleansing facewash. Infused with coffee and other antioxidants, the wash is sure to soften your skin and keep it moisturized throughout the humid monsoon.

Another skin product to make investments on this monsoon, is a skin toner. Why you may ask? The increase in humidity can make your skin feel greasy and sticky, leaving your skin pores open hence allowing dust to accumulate, leading to acne outbreaks. Frescia’s cooling cucumber toner minimizes apparent pores, regulates your skin's pH levels, and gives you a burst of freshness. This alcohol-free moisturizing toner contains cucumber extract, which soothes sensitive skin, prevents inflammation, and reduces puffiness, leaving your skin smooth and plump. Or, go the traditional way with Natural Gauri’s Turmeric Haldi Water toner. Packed with Himalayan turmeric, this soothing and regulating face toner combats pollution, grime, makeup, and the effects of the monsoon rains.

Speaking of the effects of monsoon rains, how has dry skin been treating you? The rainy season is known to dry out your skin and make it look dreary. It is very necessary to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. The next on your checklist is definitely moisturizer, a monsoon must have. Basil Skincare’s Forest Khus body moisturizer is a simple solution to make your skin feel renewed and hydrated. The scent of the khus and lavender essential oils in the lotion is deeply balancing to the body, resulting in a relaxing, moisturized skin. If citrus is more of your vibe, then the Mary May Chang moisturizer would do it for you. The bright and zesty power-packed lotion aims to restore nature's power in your skin, leaving it velvety smooth, soft, and invigorated while also protecting it from environmental harm. May chang and bergamot fruit water hydrates and soothes your skin while reducing irritation caused due to dryness.

Exfoliation should be a part of your monsoon skin care routine on a regular basis. It aids in the removal of dead skin cells and provides a healthy shine to the skin. Scrubbing your skin 2-3 times a week improves blood circulation, which aids in the removal of pollutants. Our decadent scrubs perfectly serve the purpose, keeping your skin refreshed and lively. If you’re more into the classic sugar scrubs, we’d recommend Basil Skin’s Goodness of Frankinsense for pleasant, bright, smooth, and supple skin that moisturizes and exfoliates naturally while soothing your skin! The frankincense preserves skin cells, while sugar gently exfoliates, removing dry skin and exposing a healthier, glowing complexion. If you’re more indulgent in your scrub preferences however, we’ve got the scents for you. The Coconut People’s Coconut and Rose face scrub is the ideal skin nourishment for this monsoon, that comes with the added goodness of rose and coconut. The scrub is totally natural, made with pure rose petals and coconut flakes.

And finally, an unexpected requirement on your skincare checklist is sunscreen. Though you may not be constantly exposed to the scorching sun now, the UV rays still lurk around. Our daily wear Amayra Naturals sunscreens are sure to protect your skin from these harmful rays even during the humid monsoons. These sunscreens produce a non-greasy, skin-loving barrier that protects your skin against UV damage while also hydrating and nourishing it. It moisturizes the skin and provides an ultra-matte texture that absorbs quickly.

So, don't skip over your monsoon skin care regimen this season, and prepare to nurture and pamper your skin with Indiesouk's extensive range of products!

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