The Evolution of Digital Art

The Evolution of Digital Art

New Media Art is an extensive term that incorporates all those art forms that are generated, altered, and sent out employing the prominently evolving technologies that emerge from a scientific or industrial context. These artworks stand out from the traditional visual arts with the weightage given to their medium. There is a wide array of technological elements that gather under the hypernym ‘New Media Art’. An artwork here falls under a particular category based upon the medium that was majorly used in its creation or transmission. Digital Art is one such category that comes under New Media Art.

Digital Art is a creative method or an artwork that is produced or presented by making use of digital technologies which include electronic tools, gadgets, systems, and resources that create, save or process data. The term ‘Digital Art’ had seen its initial usage in the early 1980s when the pioneering digital artist Harold Cohen used a paint program developed by a few computer engineers. After going through some initial intransigence, digital technology and digital art have made a huge leap with time. It has evolved to be considered as one of the finest approaches that can be adapted to circulate art through the internet and hence, its fame rose along with that of the internet. It has now become a globally accepted artistic practice. This contemporary technique is highly flexible. It provides limitless explorational possibilities and nothing is everlasting due to the availability of the undo button. It is also much simpler to generate more appealing pieces digitally than traditionally. 

 With the influence of digital technology, human artistic expressions have gotten modified to higher levels. The various new features that get added to this platform help artists to amplify their creativity by encouraging them to tread over the undetermined and innovative tracks.

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